Knitting for Beginners 101

Learn to knit a scarf, start to finish! In the first class session, learn the knit stitch and how to cast-on and knit a basic scarf. We will concentrate on getting the stitches right and learn how to fix mistakes. (The time period between the two class sessions are your time to knit the majority of the scarf, bringing it close to a finishing point). We will use the second class session to learn the purl stitch and also finish the scarf - binding off, adding fringe and weaving in the ends. We will learn the basics of knitting terminology and the abbreviation. Students will learn Continental knitting, purling, casting on and binding off.  Instructor, Jen Geigley is a knitter, knitwear pattern designer, graphic designer, instructor and author from Des Moines. Her designs have been published in Knit Simple Magazine, Noro Magazine, Knitsy Magazine and Rowan’s Online Publications. She has self-published knitwear patterns online since 2010. 

DATE: Wednesday, December 5 and 19, 2018

TIME:  6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

LOCATION: Urbandale High School - Room 101

DEADLINE TO REGISTER:  November 28, 2018

FEE: $30.00

This camp is not open for registration (either is pending or already took place)